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NOTE: You will be participating in our Review Responder Engine trial. You will have 14 days to test out the platform.

After the 14 days you will be given the opportunity to continue using the Review Responder Engine to generate personalized and relevant review response content for your company's reviews.

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If you don't care about your

online reputation, they do...

92% of people check reviews before taking a decision
Do you want to take that risk? Imagine if your customers come across generic (copy-pasted) replies and poorly written reviews. They might think you don't prioritize providing quality service, which could lead them to explore other options.
Increase your ranking and local search rate by 20% 
Increasing your visibility isn't solely dependent on the number of stars and reviews you receive. Platforms such as Yelp and Tripadvisor also consider the level of genuine engagement from business owners, who provide dedicated attention to their customers. Demonstrating this commitment can lead to rewards and recognition on these and other platforms.

It works everywhere!

As a chrome extension, Review Responder can be used on top of any website


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No credit card is required

Generate unlimited responses for unlimited reviews

Frequently Asked Questions!

How Do I Download Access Review Responder?

After you have received your invite email. Click the link provided to go to the download page and install the extension. Once you open the extension you can use the registration credentials that were emailed to you to start your access!


Can I use Review Responder In Any Browser?

Review Responder is a Google Chrome Extension. To access and use the tool you must use Google Chrome browser (or Chromium based internet browser, i.e. Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Vivaldi). 


How Many Reviews Can I Respond To?

As many as you want! There is no limit to the amount of Review Responces you can generate. In fact, we encourage you to respond to as many reviews as possible!


Can I Only Respond To Bad Reviews?

No! Using Review Responder, you can generate incredible responses to ALL your customers feedback, both good and bad. Use Review Responder to field all of your customers feedback. 


Are The Generated Responces Automaticly Posted?

No, Review Responder will help you craft your message and copy it to your clipboard in the click of a button. You need to paste the response and post it directly to the customer. 

Do I need to edit the Review Responses?

Review Responder will generate a complete response to the review that you enter. However, you should always proof read and edit the responses to match your voice and brand. If you do not like the generated response, you can always click the cycle button to regenerate a new version.


Sign up for a free 14-day trial today
No credit card is required

Generate unlimited responses for unlimited reviews